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Banking, Finance and Insurance

To win in this dynamic environment, you need the most comprehensive knowledge of the financial landscape, including competitor analysis, performance tracking and consumer profiling and behaviour. Not only will you receive a unique, wholly local perspective on the banking and finance market, but you’ll also discover areas of opportunity for brand management, strategic planning, segmentation, product development, data modeling, media planning and advertising. Insights Arabia uses a variety of approaches to uncover, understand and leverage customer loyalty.


FMCG's are probably the most classic case of research spenders. Products that are sold quickly and repeatedly require comprehensive understanding of the marketplace and the mindset of the consumer or shopper. Either it is a food item or electronics brand, we quantify and qualify the broad trends and specific influences that are driving end targets' choices and behavior. Our deliverables of market insights should certainly meet your strategy demands and provide a rigorous understanding of the cause and effect for your market positioning and communication activities.

Real Estate

Through Insights Arabia's professionals, our research team engages with a wide variety of corporate, investor and institutional clients to conduct customized research, due diligence and market assessments, as well as demographic and location analysis.

Catering, Hospitality & Tourism

We evaluate the overall perceptions customers have of a brand based on all experiences the customer has had over a period of time. This approach provides clarity around the ways in which customers use products and services as well as what drives their overall satisfaction with the brand.


The telecommunications industry has undergone massive change over the past few years with the convergence of voice and data, allied with the development of new IT and telecommunication solutions. We at Insights Arabia provide tailored made solutions based on genuine market insights.

Other business sectors which we do cover would include:

  • Education & Training
  • Healthcare
  • IT, hardware & software,
  • Construction Materials

Finance & Banking

Real Estate

Construction & Building Materials


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