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Our research services:

Consumer Research: The customer is the king. Yet companies who sell their products to the vast number of end customers cannot remain in touch with them to get relevant consumer insights. We partner companies to dig into the mind of the local consumers to extract and analyze consumer insights for them.

In today’s cut throat competition, companies selling to end customers need market insights regularly to track their customers’ awareness and usage levels of their products, perception about their brands, measure their promotion efforts and study the competitors. We partner our clients to enable them to take the appropriate decisions to keep ahead of competition, boost sales and implement effective marketing.

Respondents are selected as per the requirements of the study. We use our unique self designed measurement scales of Socio economic Classes in Saudi Arabia (SECs) while selecting respondents for our studies. We choose among a variety of research tools and methods for consumer research. For personal interviews we use both the face to face method as well the Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI) method where we use structured or semi structured questionnaires. We also use Focus Group Discussions and Mystery Shopping exercises in our research. We use advanced analytics such as Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, Perceptual Mapping, etc., in our analysis.

Our stable of Consumer Research Studies includes the following amongst others:-

  • Customer Satisfaction Studies: Determining customers’ perception of quality of goods and services.
  • Product & Packaging Tests & Studies: Product testing to assess customers’ liking or disking of product attributes. Pack evaluation and optimization for ideal pack development as per customers’ choice.
  • Usage & Attitude Studies: Understanding the usage of customers and their usage patterns.
  • Brand Name Studies: Finding appropriate brand names for products.
  • Segmentation & Profiling Studies: Targeting specific consumer groups and analysing their consumption behaviour in an effort to maximize sales of our partner clients.
  • Mystery Shopping Insight Gathering: Analysis of actual condition and quality of service at retail outlets.
  • Channel & Retail Location Selection Studies, Retail Audits: Choice of ideal retail locations, inventory audits, point of sale materials availability, price check, competition analysis, distribution audit
  • Pricing Research Studies: Brand Price Trade Off, Price Elasticity Studies, Conjoint Analysis
  • Advertising and Media Studies: Ad Evaluation Studies, Pre Airing & Post Airing; Media Research
  • Ethnography: Socio cultural studies
  • Concept Testing and Development Studies: Understanding consumers, investigating the market developing the concept by refining the good/ service, positioning it, giving it a brand name and an identity.
  • New Product Communication Studies: Designing the ideal communication mix for new product / service, developing new package, advertising, developing communication mix, customer tracking, observing trends and redesigning as needed,
  • Corporate Image Studies: SWOT analysis.
  • Employee Satisfaction Studies: Study of employees of company.

B2B and Industrial Research: B2B and industrial research is about understanding the market for intermediate products or goods and services that are used by entities who are not the final users of the products. We work with companies to solve their business problems and find attainable business opportunities.

These companies face unique challenges as their customers smaller in number they may be, are extremely knowledgeable and the purchase process is long and complicated and the effect of media is lower. We work with our clients, partnering them to solve their challenges in the marketplace.

The selection of respondents in B2B or industrial research is most important. Often client approved industry experts are selected and in depth interviews are held sometimes in triangular interviews by highly skilled and pre trained interviewers. Semi structured or unstructured questionnaires are used.

Our portfolio of B2B and Industrial Research includes the following:-

  • Market Sizing Studies: Identifying current and potential customers, identifying competing products, preparing product life cycle for products, identifying critical success / failure factors for our clients.
  • Demand Analysis Studies: Measuring existing and future demand of client products, analysis of market demand and demand drivers.
  • Supply Analysis Studies: Studying existing manufacturing capacities of product, identifying impending demand, analyzing trade of product in and out of the market.
  • Pricing Analysis: Price Sensitivity Studies, Price Elasticity Studies, Conjoint Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis: Competitor Landscaping Studies
  • Segmentation Analysis: Demographic, psychographic and geographic segmentation studies, Product segmentation studies
  • Distribution Analysis: Mystery Shopping, Location research studies, Retail Audits
  • Marketing Strategy: SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, Marketing Plans

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