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About Insights Arabia - Insights Arabia is the brainchild of market researchers who are convinced that sound business decisions can only be made if they are backed by adequate and relevant market insights.

We are a regional Market Research company based in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have our offices, field team and associates spread across the Kingdom to bring you the desired market insights for your business. Our researchers use latest research techniques to fulfil your research requirements.

We are proud that our endeavours have made us a highly sought after research partner in Saudi Arabia for our clients, within a short span of time.

How can we help – Insights Arabia is a Saudi based research and marketing company specialized in ad hoc studies. It designs and executes projects according to the needs of each client, considering the characteristics of their markets and their business culture.
Our founders have over 20 years of client-side strategic marketing and global experience, conducting quantitative and qualitative surveys in a broad range of business areas in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern States. Our role never stop upon delivering results but it goes beyond that to provide advisory services on how to use the results in the client's marketing decisions. Obviously, the repeat revenue from many of our long-term clients is testimony to the quality of work that we provide.

How we are different – We add value to our clients when we partner them. We do not just disseminate data, we provide information, real and sound information, with our knowledge of local nuances coupled with the rigor of scientific research by our researchers.

Now this puts us one notch ahead of the rest of the pack. We believe a proper understanding of market insights is not possible without a total comprehension of the local culture and tradition which we possess, being a regional company.

Our Methods – Our positioning is one of a kind. We are located in the Saudi Arabia and our perspective is centred around Saudi Arabia. We use our unique self designed measurement scales pertaining to Saudi Arabia for our research.

We provide customized research solutions to our clients for all their research needs in Saudi Arabia. Each commissioned study is treated as a unique one by our research team as we have no packaged solutions. We perform both B2B research and consumer research, using quantitative as well as qualitative research methods.

We do research using the traditional face to face interviews (using structured or semi structured questionnaires), computer aided telephonic interviews (CATI), focus group discussions, mystery shopping & visits, as well as in-depth interviews

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